9 Best vegetable Garden Fence Kit – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide 2019

As a gardener, you would agree with me that it takes a lot of stress to plant a garden successfully. And because of the work involved, you wouldn’t want any harm come near your treasured garden. Harms in the form of stray animals, prying neighbours, rodents, and a careless sprinkle of herbicides/chemicals from neighbours. This is why a vegetable garden fence kit comes in handy at this particular stage. If you had not considered this earlier while planning to raise a garden, I bet It’s not too late to include that in your plans.

Now, garden fencing has come a long way from the costly permanent structures of bricks and walls and being replaced by portable and removable garden fences you can add or remove at will. This does not reduce the worth or functionality of brick/wooden garden fences, but an extra dose of ease is what you need for your garden right now.

Top reasons to choose Portable garden fence

vegetable Garden Fence Kit

With a lot of people recommending portable garden fence these days, I know by now you are considering why you should go for a portable garden fence and not stick with a traditional alternative. There is a widely accepted opinion that portable garden fence comes in handier than the traditional enclosures such as brick walls, hedges and others, especially where temporary solutions are needed a Portable garden fence is a go-to option if you want to protect your garden without committing to something too permanent.

Other reasons to choose portable garden fence are:

Ease of installation- in areas where digging or building is not allowed, especially if you are on a lease, a portable garden fence comes handy to protect and secure your property from invasion.

Perfect for smaller gardens- since portable garden fences come in varying sizes, you have the perfect fit for your garden and some bigger sizes can be adjusted to fit your space and expanded later as space gets bigger. This removes the stress of breaking walls and rebuilding to fit your garden.

Affordable: portable garden kits are available in ranging prices which allows you to get one that falls within your budget.

Cost-effective: when compared to the cost of building a brick fence, regardless of how small space may be, portable garden fences can be a better option. The cost of labour and materials to construct would actually cover for the cost of buying a makeshift garden fence, easy to use with no tools required in most cases.

Best garden fence – Experts picked products

1. Pacific Accents Expandable Modular Outdoor Garden Fence Kit 

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– Currently unavailable: YARDGARD 308311B Fence

The Pacific Accents garden fence kit is an expandable segmented steel wire welded together to offer makeshift outdoor fencing. The best part of the modular garden fence is that it requires no tool or professionalism to setup. The garden fence can be customized into any desired size; great for small spaces and with a few additional kits, it is better for bigger spaces. The expandable garden fence kit is galvanized and coated in green Vinyl for a long-lasting use so it is safe to say that the modular garden fence is of durable quality and provides protection. I can hear those small animals telling themselves your garden is out of bounds. No more damages.

The flexibility of the garden fence makes it easy for you to fit sizes and shapes you want- squares or rectangles, circles, zigs and scallops, you are all good, which enhances the beauty of your garden the more.

Other features of the Pacific Accents garden fence include its:

  • Custom corners
  • Lightweight
  • Weather resistance
  • Easy installation
  • Removable and replaceable whenever you wish to mow, prune or weed the garden.
  • And its green vinyl coat makes it blend perfectly with the garden.

See, I told you it is a good buy.

2. Deer-Proof Vegetable Garden Kit

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Do you need a garden project to keep you busy for a while? The pre-designed deer-proof vegetable garden kit is a must-try. The kit includes everything needed to install a raised bed garden except the lumber. The contents include twelve raised bed brackets. Black vinyl-coated steel wire for the gate, ceramic-coated rustproof screws, black nylon nettings for trellis and other hardware needed for perfect construction, plus it comes with well-detailed assembly instructions.

The deer-proof garden kit is perfect for keeping deer, rabbits, dogs and stray wilds out of your garden. It consists of a raised bed with an easy to go through the walkway and the garden fencing is 68 inches high. The steel wire and nylon netting around the fencing make great trellis for climbing plants like tomatoes, cucumbers, peas and so on.

As long as you ensure no changes in the configurations and read the instructions carefully, you’d be pleased with the result. This product is durable, offers great space and protection and weather resistant.

3. King Bird Card Frame Raised Garden bed

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Brighten your garden space with the King Bird raise the garden bed and enjoy the many benefits it has to offer. The 2-pack card frame garden bed is the best bet if you are looking for a DIY garden fence kit with absolutely no tool required. Its multilayered galvanized paint does a lot to prevent rust and long years of reusable and reliable use.

Meanwhile, the inside is unpainted, so your plants are safe. The smart pressure resistant design of the King Bird card frame garden bed allows you to conveniently load in the soil while the card frames are reinforced to provide a durable and stable garden bed.

It is also convenient to make raise the garden beds by joining the two packs together with the connectors. This saves more space and offers protection from taller breeds. The King Bird garden bed is suitable for spices, herbs and vegetables (tomatoes, lettuce and strawberries) and its colour blends with the garden.

4. XCEL- Black Steel Fence Panel

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Do you need a multipurpose, easy-to-install fence panel? You should consider the Excel black steel fence panel. The fence panel is perfect for yards, gardens, poolside and other fence purposes. It has a strong wrought iron build galvanized in an out to prevent corrosion.

The Xcel fence panel is of a compact size and easy to lift, move around and load for transport.

You can use it in two different styles depending on the animals you want out of your garden. Either as flush top and picket bottom (mostly to keep away rats, chipmunks or cats) or as picket top and flush bottom. This should deter dogs, goats and animals that have come to love the ambience of your garden.

The black steel fence panel is very sturdy and strong, and it is double powder coated to provide resistance against weather and other elements. The fence panel is packed with 6.5’H post to hold it conveniently in the soil; which can also be cut into 5’H with flanges to make it sit stably on concrete.

5. White Vinyl Picket Gate

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Perfect for deck, gate and garden use and very easy to assembly. The picket gate is a sturdy plastic PVC that gives a nice looking advantage to your garden. Although the hardware is sold separately, it joins more gates together to give a beautiful white fence enclosure. Is it the brightness of the colour or the design itself? I just feel you need to get one for your garden and feel the beauty.

6. Premier Enhanced Electric Garden Net Fence

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Keep your garden dangerously attractive this planting season and get rid of raccoons, rabbits and other strays. The premier electric garden net fence is easy to install and perfect for DIYers. Its green-black colour blends with the background and your garden marauders (animals) wouldn’t know what it is until they are repelled by its energy. It is low enough to step over thus saving the stress of fixing or going through gates.

The electric garden net fence has easy clippings to connect net extensions for bigger garden space and can be secured firmly to the ground using PVC posts. For effectiveness, fence must be energized with 0.25 joules of energy per roll. A low impedance intermittent pulse energizer s recommended for safety and efficiency.

The Premier electric garden fence is also affordable and trust me, it’s worth the few bucks you’d spend on it, plus you can set up without extra hands and your garden will thank you for it.

7. Versa Fence Flex-Fence Louver System

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The flex fence is a functional fence system perfect for gardens, decks and outdoor space. It is made of recycled UV stabilized PVC and has excellent rigidity once it is set up. Like most portable fence kits, the flex fence is very easy to install in just a 4-step process and you have your garden looking all stylish.

It is a whole new fencing alternative to the old styles you are used to.

8. Fence4ever dark Olive Green Privacy Screen Fence

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Seeing the Fence4ever privacy screen fence for the first time would make you go wow. Why you may ask? The dark green olive colour really got me, and the fact that it provides visibility blockage was another fancy thing about this great product. Other than you have to attach to a fence, you have one of the best privacy screen fences you can get out in the market. It has aluminium rust free double gourmets on all its four corners which offer a great reinforcement and can hold up against the wind should you live in windy areas.

Though some buyers have really complained about how flimsy it looks and how easily it gets torn, I am sure that with proper installation and maintenance, this privacy screen fence should last a while on your farm providing both shade and protection. The fence is about 50inches long and 5-8 inches tall, that is a perfect height for the enclosure.

9. Adjust-a-Gate steel frame building kits

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This product contains fence frame kits for revamping old sagging gates or building a new gate. Things you’d love about the steel frame are:

  • Great steel finishing to ensure durability
  • Anti-fade and rust coated kits.
  • Very easy to install with all necessary parts included for on-site assembling especially for DIY builders.
  • Adjustable diagonal truss cable to hold your gate straight
  • Beige powder coating on each square frame
  • Prevents gate sagging and can be used for a long time.
  • Bars are adjustable to fit 36-60 inches wide gate openings without cutting.
  • Comes at an affordable price

Important things to consider when buying a garden fence kit with gate

vegetable Garden Fence Kit

Before you buy that garden fence, you need to pause and consider several things to guide your choice, so you won’t end up with a square fence panel in a round yard. Here are some few things I feel you might need to consider:

  • The size of your garden versus the size of the fence.

A small fence panel will go with a small garden space and a bigger one is fit for a bigger space. Knowing the size of your garden will guide your choice of product as you can be able to look at the product dimensions to know the exact type fit for your garden.

  • Fence material.

Fence panels are made from different materials such as vinyl, wrought iron, bamboo, wood, steel, rubber and metal. So you can choose a fence material based on its look, maintenance and what the fence panel will be used for or exposed too on the garden.

  • Maintenance

This is an important tip to be considered. If you are choosing a wooden panel, you should know that wood can be easily damaged by water or insects (termite) and you should be sure that the fence panel can be protected from these for durability. Metal, on the other hand, can be damaged by rust, scratches and at some point may need repainting or staining. Vinyl and rubber fence panels are the easiest to maintain though.

  • Durability

A good quality fence panel should invariably last more than 10 years under normal conditions and maintenance. So when you plan to buy one, go for quality products through quality means more bucks, there are good fence panels you can get without breaking a bank.

  • Cost

Vinyl fence panels can be easily maintained, but they are pricier than the other types. For a larger garden space, mounted fence panels are more advisable as they save more money. While the European styled fence panel requires less maintenance and provides more privacy, it comes at a cost.

Why do you need a garden fence?

vegetable Garden Fence Kit

While some people fence their gardens for the protection it offers against stray animals, others may choose a fence panel for demarcation, security and/or privacy. Your reason will determine the type of fence panel to buy. If you aim at keeping out deer from your garden, a privacy fence is often the best choice because the animal won’t be drawn to a garden it can’t see. But if a privacy fence panel is costly, you can use wire netting around the fence and make it as high as possible because a deer in most cases can jump up to 8feet.

If you are protecting your garden from your dogs or strays, you may need to identify if the dogs are jumpers or diggers. For a jumping dog, a fence panel as high as 4ft should keep it off, and if your garden guests are diggers, it is advisable to bury the fence frames at least 6inches deep and in most cases use concrete along the fence line.

  • Garden landscape

Walk around your garden to determine if the ground is level or if you need to remove more soil. Also, look out for obstructions that could hinder the easy installation of your fence panel.

Frequently asked questions and answers about vegetable garden fence kit

Why should I choose fence panels over traditional fencing?

While traditional fencing can be more solidly built and longer-lasting, it takes more processes to construct them and this involves more financial implications. Also, for a temporary site, traditional fencing cannot be an option as it is a permanent structure.

Fence panels, on the other hand, are temporary structures you put up on your site for different reasons. When compared to traditional fencing, they cost less, easy to install and are easier to maintain while serving almost the same function as a traditional fence. And when it is time to move, you can simply remove and pack them for later use.

How long does it take to install a fence panel?

This depends on the type of fence panel you have bought. While some are simple DIY fence panels, kits or accessories you can put up in minutes without extra hands, others can be tasking and could take more hours or days depending on the help you get and how easy it is to follow the instruction manual.

Most portable fence kits are packed with instructions to guide their installation and if follow carefully you would be set in no time. The Pacific Accents expandable garden fence, for instance, is very easy to fix and requires no tool, but the Versa fence flex louvre system may require a bit of professionalism and extra hands.

Can damaged fence panels be repaired?

The repair depends on the severity of damage done on the fence panel as well as the state of the fence panel and post. A wobbly post can be replaced with a strong and steady post while broken panels can be replaced with new panels.

But if you will obviously spend more on repairs, it is advisable to get a new replacement altogether. A quality fence panel should last beyond 5 years provided it is well maintained and under normal conditions.


With lots of vegetable garden fence kits available in stores and market, you need to be on top of your game by choosing the best. Remember to choose quality, durability and above all the best fit for your garden as the saying goes, choose your garden fence kits according to your pocket and the size of your garden.

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